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Since 1995, artist Carol Ruff and photographer Greg Weight have run Gallery East in Clovelly.


The gallery has been a launch pad for young artists, an exhibition space for established artists and also runs small musical events and local festivals.

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21 Burnie Street, Clovelly NSW Australia, 2031

The Gallery:

  • Gallery East does not charge a commission.

  • The gallery will send email invitations to Gallery East contacts.

  • Gallery East will advise on details about running an exhibition, pricing your work, hanging the work and the opening event.

  • One or both of us will attend your opening.

  • The back gallery is available for select events

Artists are responsible for:

  • Supervising their exhibition

  • Organising their mailing list

  • Printing of invitations and opening costs

  • Hanging their own show.

  • Artists are asked to submit images of work and a C.V.

  • Bookings are made when at least half of the work is completed.

Recommended exhibition period is two weeks.

Fees vary depending on length of exhibition and the nature of the project.

Exhibition Schedule

The gallery is closed on Mondays

Install: Tuesday-Wednesday.     

Opening: Thursday evenings 6 – 8pm.

Hours: 11 – 6pm, Thurs  – Sun.

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